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We are here to raise awareness of those affected when a child has a heart condition.

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There is a lot of information and support available.We can signpost you to other organisations for specific queries or issues.

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Having a heart child can be tough. Sharing your worries and concerns with others who have the same experiences can help.


Offering friendly conversion on our experiences being a Heart Family.

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Meet Some Of Our Members

Some of our members would like to introduce themselves to you and tell you their stories. If you are a heart family thinking of joining us, these are the families you will see regularly on our Facebook closed support group and at our events.

  • em bed jess
    Emily, Paul, Ben and Jessica

    Jessica was born July 2010 and had to have bowel surgery when she was 2 days old for an exomphalas (abdominal wall defect) repair. Prior to surgery she had a scan, which is when we first found out she also had a Congenital Heart Defect

  • Nikki & Co
    Nikki, Luke, Aayla-Mai and Harper

    12th December 2014 – This was the day when our whole world came crashing down… We were told our beautiful baby girl was poorly.

  • Morris Family
    Nicola, John, Calum, Elena and Oliver

    Calum was born on February 7th 2006 after a great pregnancy and a water birth at Southmead Hospital, Bristol. We were so happy to have our baby boy, brother to Elena, we had no idea that our bubble was about to burst.

  • IMG_0327
    Wendy, Paul, Charlee-Ann, Tyler and Jaxon

    Charlee-Ann was born on 12th August 2014 and three days later during her newborn check the midwife detected a heart murmur.  Three months later she was diagnosed with 4 heart defects called Tetralogy of Fallot’.  

  • IMG_0328
    Faye, Jon, Amelie, Jack and Ella

    Hello my name is Faye Parry.  I have 2 healthy children and a very special heart baby.  I found out at my 20 week scan that there was a problem with Amelie’s heart.   



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