Heart Families South West

   Who Are We?



We are a laid back, happy and sociable support network who offer support, drama free and very simply, in that when heart families come together, they don’t have to try, the support happens naturally.

We run an online password protected forum and closed Facebook group for parents, carers and close family members so they can offer support to each other, share whats happening with them or celebrate their child with others who completely understand.  We also hold regular get-togethers as well as Summer and Christmas Parties to give families the opportunity to come together so parents can chat while children play.  These events not only give parents the opportunity to meet face to face out of the hospital environment but also gives the heart children and their siblings the opportunity to play with others who they have an awful lot in common with.

  Who are we for?

Whose children’s heart conditions range from mild through to those who need a lot of help and intervention throughout their lives.

Offering advice and information on caring for a child with a heart condition 

If you are a relative of a heart child, we have lots of information to help keep you informed. 

A lot of children with heart conditions have a healthy life and soon grow up to become Heart Adults. We have information about heart conditions and what to look out for in later life.


  Meet our Members